John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss all the implications of the new year...2016!  Then they cover trending topics including, the Faraday Future, Smart Phone Hallucination, Giant Sapphire, Vagina Speaker and Billy Football.  From the failed athlete's perspective, they analyze the NFL playoffs and the fall of the mighty Suns.   Jesse McIntosh delivers his favorite part of last week / last year's show, Deb Loftis opens up a notebook and unlocks memories of her brilliant talents as a playwright and director... and finally, Candice Hull tells a story of working security at a college dorm.  #RedFireMonkey

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Beastie Boys - Brass Monkey, Tommy Guerrero - Year Of The Monkey, Karunesh - Traverse, Rick Ross ft Andre 3000 - Sixteen [feat. Andre 3000] [Explicit] , Tennessee Ernie Ford - Sixteen Tons